HOSFOAM is an expanded polystyrene insulation board. Through an advanced extrusion sheet line technology, HOSFOAM constitute a tight, close-cell structure, which provide HOSFOAM excellent performance in heat conduction, compressive strength and moisture resistance for all kind of insulation needs.

HOSFOAM Availability::

Block Heat Conduction

HOSFOAM can block heat conduction. At the thickness of 25mm, HOSFOAM has an average R-value of 1. Commonly used for heat insulation of apartment, mansion, factory, and cottage. Besides, RC structure on the roof can also be worked with waterproofing project.

Insulating sheathing

HOSFOAM retains its high performance in R-value and strong water and vapor resistant, it is a perfect insulating material in cold storage application. Save energy & costs; keep storage of products from damage by low temperature.

Protected anti-flood material

Apply HOSFOAM to the exterior of concrete foundations. HOSFOAM can be adhesively attached or mechanically fastened. It can be applied as an aid to waterproof membrane of anti-flood.

Block moisture of all kinds

No matter how humid or damp, HOSFOAM's unique close-cell structure and skin-face surface can easily and consistently prevent vapor or moisture from all sources. HOSFOAM has been in use at deep bottom base of mansions tower and foundation of airport runway to control ground moisture. Keep structure from decay or rot cause by dire acid of moisture.

Best stuffing material

HOSFOAM has widely been used with masonry cavity wall, door, tatami, ceiling and concrete wall, etc. It is an excellent stuffing material to your house construction with properties of heat and noise blocking, moisture blocking, lightness in weight and easiness in handling.

HOSFOAM Application:

  • To go along with steel structure building, iron house and colorful wave roofing
  • Cold storage, keep cool and water resistant
  • Cover of underground groove, compressive strength
  • Sunset wall, office ceiling
  • Wall and floor insulation for heart/noise
  • Vapor resistant of ground slab
  • Basement wall
  • Steel structure insulation
  • Basement wall
  • Steel structure insulation
  • Insulated Concrete Forms